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Another observational blog post as I try to catch up from not blogging for three months. This is what happens I spend a bunch of time on the street helping customers fulfill their cloudy dreams… One of the things I’ve been trying to evangelize is that for the first time since the dawn of IT, enterprise cloud projects give us a chance to realign IT with the business.  Despite all of the claims over the years of business value, I think cloud really is the change opportunity the business has been looking for, although they won’t call it cloud. For decades IT costs have grown, and IT has enabled those that use it to become more efficient and grow to levels they never could have without it.  But if you think way back to the first huge ‘computers’ that some of the biggest companies purchased, it wasn’t so they could have email, it was so they could have an electronic gene... (more)

Improving Cloud Adoption Rates Through User Experience

As product manager at ScaleUp, one of my top jobs is to make sure our cloud management platform has as much impact as possible at what we call the cloud "point of purchase". This is that magical spot where the consumer and provider meet.  It's where consumers locate, order and manage the resources they need.  It's the spot where providers manage their users, offer capacity, manage and monitor those resources, charge for them, enforce and apply automation, governance, security and other business rules and ultimately provide a service.  In other words, there's a lot going on at th... (more)

Invest 15% of Cloud Savings in Security

There is a talk that I've given a few times with very good response - "How Cloud Computing -Improves- Security".  We go in to detail on all the areas where cloud providers have (or should have) gone the extra mile relative to the datacenter a customer runs in-house, and how with a solid partnership with your provider - a cloud can be more secure than what you have in-house.  One of the things we discuss during that talk is how users of cloud need to be prepared to spend more on security and compliance to get the level of comfort and risk management they are used to. The number I... (more)

Concept: Using AWS IAM to Protect Your Own APIs

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you are considering building a cloud-based service and had come to that fork in the road where you had to think about how to authenticate users to your API’s. As I was thinking about that problem, it struck me that potentially you could use the new(ish) identity and access management services from AWS.  Create users, set groups and permissions, authenticate them against IAM as an identity provider of sorts.  Of course after I read the FAQ where it asked if you can use it on 3rd party apps, the answer was “not yet”. But I think you can, today. Step... (more)

Cloud Isn’t Secure Because It Is Multi-Tenant

Cloud isn’t secure because it is multi-tenant.  This is a weak argument that I’m tired of hearing. Here’s my short and sweet rebuttal to that position. >> Your internal data centers are multi-tenant today, and you aren’t managing them as well as a public cloud is managed. I can hear you going “Huh?”. Yeah.  Unless you are a three letter agency or one of a handful of super paranoid (or regulated) commercial organizations, your data center is multi-tenant today.  You have gaping holes opened so business partners can come in and help you make money, employees coming in from ‘dirty’... (more)