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Disclaimer: I’m a terrible song writer but heard these words in my head while listening to this song.  Yes, I’m a geek and this is what I do on my days off. Wake up in the morning feeling like cloud-e-rati Got my coffee I’m out the door I’m gonna hit the city Before I leave, send a tweet with my brand new iPad Cause when I leave for the day it’s all about the cloud I’m talking VM’s out the nose, nose This cloud is better than those, those Lunch-time we’re talkin some trash, trash Private cloud doesn’t exist, Sam Pulling up to the key-notes I’ve heard this all be-fore, yoooo [CHORUS] Don’t stop, make it pop DBA blowin nosql up Tonight, I’mma tweet ‘Til we see the sunlight Tick tock, on the clock But the cloud don’t stop no Woah-oh oh oh Woah-oh oh oh ... (more)

IaaS Is the Snuggie of the Cloud

What enterprises WANT, and their first choice when thinking about the benefits of cloud, is PaaS and SaaS.  Just like what you WANT to be warm in front of the TV is a crackling fire and a thick down blanket.  Since nobody has the time to make and tend a fire and a blanket requires you to do lose access to those things you call hands, we buy a snuggie.  And they’ve sold millions of snuggies not because it’s a sexy first choice, but because it works, it’s cheap, easy, etc.  Same as SaaS/PaaS (the warm, crackling fire and thick cozy blanket) vs IaaS (the snuggie). [Let's exclude th... (more)

Cloud Computing Security Resource List

This is a living blog post where you will find pointers to cloud security resources that I find valuable.  Reference material, standards efforts, articles, blogs, tweets… whatever I think might help someone else will get shared here.  Essentially, a place where I can (eventually) point people interested in learning something about cloud security.  For now, you’ll get a few random links off the top of my head. Cloud Computing on Alltop – not a cloud security specific site, but a fantastic collection of the top cloud computing blogs and news all in one place Cloud Security Allianc... (more)

Location, Location, Location - Storing EU Data with Safe Harbor

For years companies that had to store or process data about EU citizens only wanted to do it inside the EU. In some countries like Germany, the laws can be even tighter and hard to understand, so companies kept their data inside the “Bundesrepublik” to avoid any issues. The “Safe Harbor” program for data management gains popularity One of the developments in inter-continental data management that is not new but is gaining popularity with the rise of cloud computing is “Safe Harbor”, a program developed by the US State Department in cooperation with the European Union. Essentially... (more)

Improving Cloud Adoption Rates Through User Experience

As product manager at ScaleUp, one of my top jobs is to make sure our cloud management platform has as much impact as possible at what we call the cloud "point of purchase". This is that magical spot where the consumer and provider meet.  It's where consumers locate, order and manage the resources they need.  It's the spot where providers manage their users, offer capacity, manage and monitor those resources, charge for them, enforce and apply automation, governance, security and other business rules and ultimately provide a service.  In other words, there's a lot going on at th... (more)